Celebrating Family Life Around The Fire

Celebrating Family Life Around The Fire

A chat around the fire with Josh celebrating family and Fatherhood. Josh is the co-founder of Ivory & Oak. Together we have three boys:

Maxamilian (7), Sam Jonsi (5) and Joey Shepherd (3)

Did you always imagine becoming a Dad one day?

Not really. I suppose it’s something I always expected would happen, but I didn’t spend time thinking about it before it became reality.

Favourite thing about being a Dad?

Spending time doing activities with the boys. They all value attention and have the best time when we are all doing something either fun or productive together.

Hardest part about being a Dad?

Having to repeat myself over and over. I now know that they eventually learn but everything takes longer than you expect.

What do you hope is something you can teach your kids or a legacy you can leave with them?

I would love to teach the boys the value of hard work and being able to think for themselves.

If you could, what would you go back and tell yourself the night before becoming a Dad?

Enjoy the process and relax more. You’ll eventually get more sleep

How many dorky Dad mugs do you actually own? 

Not enough. (Typical Dad response! - Kate)

There are plenty of good men and Fathers out there and we hope to raise three more who can bring positive change into their world. We believe that Family and Fatherhood is worth celebrating in this day and age. We hope that you enjoy a little glimpse into our very wild, testosterone filled family. 

Here's to the good ones, the Family Men, the Grandpas, the Father Figures and the heroes in our lives. Let's celebrate them well!



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