Chatting With The Makers - The Sunday Coast

Chatting With The Makers - The Sunday Coast

We interview the humans behind the brand The Sunday Coast the creative designers of your favourite throw rugs (aka ideal travel companion)

These rugs will take you anywhere your heart desires! Large enough to keep you and your mates comfortable on your next picnic adventure, warm enough to keep you warm by the campfire and beautiful enough to style in your home. 

It didn't take us long to fall in love with their products and make them one of our very first brand partners for our gift giving business.

Let's find out what they have to say!


Q. Tell us about the humans behind the brand? 

Hi I’m Josh and I’m the main drive and designer behind the brand with the support of my partner Hannah who helps out with the photography and written aspects of the business. I studied graphic design at University and then tried a few different jobs in my field before committing to The Sunday Coast. Hannah is a full time primary school teacher by trade, which certainly involves a lot of creativity as well. We’re both lovers of the great outdoors and The Sunday Coast is a culmination of these passions and talents which we are excited to share with others.

Q. Why picnic rugs?

Why not picnic rugs! I wanted something that I could design and market myself; something that would align with the lifestyle we have envisaged for ourselves. Working with picnic rugs has meant that we’re often outdoors; road tripping, soaking up the sunshine and sharing meals with our mates. By partnering with Eden projects, we’ve also found a way to give back to our natural environment which is particularly important to us from a business and personal point of view.

Q. We love that your brand is bigger than yourselves and you've partnered with Eden Projects. Can you tell us a little bit about the impact The Sunday Coast is making? 

We aim to give back to our planet, and have teamed with Eden Projects so that we are able to plant 15 trees for every purchase made. The trees planted are mainly mangroves in coastal areas, which are great at drawing in large amounts of carbon from our atmosphere. Planting native trees also helps re-establish damaged ecosystems and habitats for many impacted animals that are slowly disappearing worldwide. None of the work done is by volunteers either which is how it should be, as Eden Projects provide constant full-time work to struggling communities to actively replant trees in their local areas. The countries involved include Kenya, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Central America, Indonesia and more. It's surprising how much of an impact planting trees can truly make.

Q. What's the Big Dream for The Sunday Coast? Anything to watch out for in the future?

Long Term - we are excited to create more! Design more! We are constantly sketching, trialing and adapting new ideas for our rugs and we can’t wait to see how our business evolves over time. This also involves a long term focus on becoming more sustainable as a business by educating ourselves in best practices, learning about our environment and improving the ways in which we give back to our planet.

In the short term we are hoping to bring out some complimentary branded products that build upon the outdoor, picnic theme of our rugs. Can’t say too much at this stage except that we’re excited to bring you more beautiful, practical products - stay tuned and follow our instagram for updates!

Q. Lastly, our favourite question we love to ask around the campfire is this, If you could travel anywhere in the world and take anyone with you, where would you go, who would you take and why?

Anywhere and everywhere; I honestly can’t pick one place! I’ve loved roadtripping the Australian East Coast with close friends and family while flights have been limited, but I am keen to head overseas again soon.

Pre-covid, I lived in Austria for a year & travelled a lot of Europe while there, before spending around 6 months in Mexico while also visiting parts of Peru. I'm torn between going back to relive these places I loved and exploring new places. Realistically, New Zealand could be on the cards for next year as a close friend of ours has recently moved there and we can’t wait to visit her! 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about the humans behind our beautiful products! 

To check out more from The Sunday Coast, you can follow them on Insta @thesundaycoast_ or check out more of their collection HERE

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