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How To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year (even if you're single!)

We'll take any excuse to celebrate love even if it is a little commercialised! Christmas and heck, even Halloween are wayyyy commercialised with the shops decked out for months with all the trinkets, decorations and candy you could possibly lay your eyes on and we jump all in on those!

So why not jump all in on a day set aside to show our closest people that we honour them and value them? Why not put in a little extra effort from any other ordinary day to say "Hey! You mean a lot to me! I appreciate you!"


1. Bakckyard picnic with takeaway food and wine!

Lay out the picnic blanket, light some candles and pop on some tunes as you catch up on life under the starry night sky. 


2. Surprise Coffee & Gifts at the door or workplace


This is a classic. Its Valentines Day, you hope for the best but don't want to set your expectations too high, waiting with anticipation to see if your significant other has pulled out the stops this year, have they even remembered? Surprise!! A knock on the door, coffee, gifts and flowers await. You're over the moon and they've won the day (plus like a billion brownie points!) 

We may or may not know some really clever people who can help you surprise them with a gift box at the door *wink wink*  Go here to send a gift!


3. Breakfast Date!

You can't beat a day time date! Forget having to get ready after work for dinner and staying out late. Breakfast dates are easy & light, you don't have to get dressed up and you can squeeze it in quickly before work! Pick your fave local coffee shop or try somewhere new for a little extra adventure. Its a fun way to start the day, spend some quality time over coffee before going about the rest of your day!


4. Movie Night In

Tried and true, a cosy movie night in is a perfect chill date night! Pick a rom-com in advance to avoid spending the first hour of the night flicking through Netflix trailers. Pull out your favourite snacks, you could do ice-cream with mix-ins, chocolate coated strawberries, popcorn, all the classic movie snacks! You can even set up a mattress on the floor with loads of cushions and blankets and make it as pinterest worthy as possible! Bonus boints if you hang some fairy lights to set the mood!

There you have it!  A handful of ideas to inspire you to celebrate the day of love. We hope this helps inspire and encourage you to get on board the love train! Let us know in the comments if you try any of these ideas!

Until Next Time...

Kate x 


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