Nail your gift giving game!

Nail your gift giving game!

Its all about that reaction right? Let me share with you a few tricks that I have up my sleeve when it comes to giving gifts to my own friends and family.

1. Pay Attention and LISTEN all year round

I am always listening! Always paying attention to those little passing comments  What are their favourite stores and brands that they talk about? Have they mentioned the same thing multiple times? Are they frustrated that they never have enough (serving platters when they have guests for dinner), (dresses to wear when they go out), have they mentioned a new hobby they would like to take up? Do they love to cook, do pottery, entertain, go surfing?

Pay attention to all of these things which leads me to my next trick...

2. Keep Notes

Maybe its weird but I keep a list in my phone of all of the ideas I have for my friends. Its basically a list of people I usually buy for and when an idea comes, I write it under their name. Then when their birthday or Christmas rolls around I am never stumped for ideas. Simply refer back to the idea you wrote down 6 months ago and voila! 

3. If you see the perfect thing in advance BUY it then

If you spot the thing you know you want to give them and if you are able to, then I highly recommend getting it there and then and storing it until the special occasion. I've been down the road of disappointment when I knew exactly what I wanted to give and then when I left it until the last minute, it was gone! Be organised y'all!

4. If you have a big idea, get your pals involved!

Don't let big ideas or expensive items turn you off! Get the gang involved, they will transfer you some cash and thank you for putting in all the effort on their behalf and the recipient will be gob smacked when you pull off that big thing they've been dreaming about for so long!

5. Seal The Deal

Complete the gift with some kind words in a card and decent presentation. It doesn't have to be fancy. There is nothing that doesn't look cute wrapped up in some white paper and string. If you add some bells and whistles that's just a bonus! 

We hope these few simple tricks help you to level up your gift giving game this year and get some amazing reactions from your friends!

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