Meet the Ivory & Oak Fam!

Meet the Ivory & Oak Fam!

Well we've been around the traps now for a couple of months but please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Our names are Josh & Kate. We take our coffee and our gifting very seriously. Josh was the man with the bright idea to start our own business and Kate has brought the vision to life and is the creative brains trust behind the business. We also have 3 little boys that keep our house LOUD at all times!

We operate out of our home based studio in North Brisbane and I am sure the couriers around here think we must have a serious online shopping addiction whenever we get stock delivered!

We have a passion for giving proper good gifts, really! We always have but here's why...

We love feeling the love when we receive a gift that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it. When the giver really cares about what they are giving, you can feel it y'know? And not only that but you REMEMBER it!

And likewise, we LOVE to give those sorts of well presented and meaningful gifts to our loved ones. We believe a good gift isn't always about the price tag, the grandeur or size of the box it comes in but the thought and care that gets put into it.

Give me a hand drawn picture from a kid who cares about it, than an expensive jacket given out of obligation anyday! 

So anyway that's a little bit about us and where our passion for gifting comes from!

We truly hope you love what we have to offer and we really truly do hope that it helps take the stress out of gifting while keeping the thought in. 

Until next time! 


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